Peden Ridge

The date was November 29th.

After studying some routes on I decided to tackle Peden Ridge and, depending on time, maybe make it to Black Bear Mt…not even close. As a newcomer to the West Coast I am a little naive about the difference between hiking in the late fall compared to the summer. Water, and lots of it, is a big difference.

Getting to Maryvine falls was a 35 minute well-marked path, from the potholes parking lot to a first glimpse of how wet this hike may be.

The pounding of the waterfall drew us off of the path to explore the source of the rumbling. The spray from the waterfall drifted through the air; taking a clear picture was tough. I suppose I should mention that when I was looking at this hike online it said “summer time.” I figured it would be fine, get a little wet, no big deal. As my grandpa used to say ” I’ve never seen a skin that wouldn’t dry.

Shortly after the waterfall you will come across an out-of-place pipe stretching into the woods as far as you can see on either side.

Cross the pipe and continue on towards the Maryvine river crossing.

Our hiking boots were damp from the rain-soaked forest. We polished off the sandwiches that had made the trek with us, strapped on our packs, and pushed for Peden Lake.

An important lesson is that when a hike suggests summer there is a reason. The river crossing was no-longer a babbling creak with stones you could hop along. A raging torrent of water pounded through a narrow channel feeding the waterfalls we had passed. Not crossing here.

I convinced the guys that we could go back down the trail and cross at a wider section by making a bridge. Then it would be a simple task of bush-whacking keeping the river on our right-hand side.

BC is different from Ontario. After trudging less than 100 meters through waist-high vegetation there wasn’t a dry spot left on our legs. Time to turn back.

Wet, tired, and in need of some coffee we decided to head back to the car and call it a day. Peden Ridge would remain elusive to us on this outing.

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One thought on “Peden Ridge

  1. Ian Hull

    So when do we get the next installment of hiker’s folly??

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